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Connect Youth Brno

Topic of the month

September 2017

Everyone has a deep desire for love and acceptance, we look for a place where we can belong, where we experience freedom and where we feel safe. These the natural desires that God has put in us, but unfortunately they are often unfulfilled in us. We try to find or create a place where our desires are filled - the place we call home. Almost everyone realizes that home is not represented by a building or a locality, but rather by people. In all this, however, there is something deeper than what we desire and that is the desire of man for something that goes beyond him - the desire after God and the relationship with Him. We believe that we can ultimately find our home with God and the community of people who live a real life with God. We believe that, as a church, we have a key role to play in helping people find the right home based on a living relationship with God. Join us in September for this series!


June 2017

In June we finish this year at Connect and as usual this will be the month without sermon series, full of special events. Firstly we will host a great band BCC Worship for a worship night, then we will have our favourite Story night, when three great people from Connect will tell stories about their journey, then Zoli will preach his last sermon of this year and finally we will have a Good bye party. Our main events can be found at our facebook. Come and enjoy the end of this year with us!

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May 2017

Every person is created as a whole being. As Christians, we believe that we live in the body, but we also have a soul and a spirit. According to Jewish culture, the soul and spirit blend, whereas according to Greek culture, each person has three components: body, soul and spirit. During this sermon series, we will stick to this division, but only so that we would bring it to the right. The body, the soul, and the spirit are not separate components, but they overlap to a large extent. In the Old Testament story of Job, we can see that when his body was suffering, his soul and spirit were also suffering. If one component of our being suffers, the other two will suffer, too. We are made complex and complicated, so we need to know how to take care of ourselves. And that's exactly what we're going to explore this month.

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April 2017

Purity is a crucial value in the life of every Christian. To seek to preserve a clean soul, body and mind is important, because then we can take maximum benefit of the amazing things that God invented, such as sex or marriage. Deciding to build a clean life means to intentionally and voluntarily postpone some steps of intimacy. It means to stay away "from the cliff" and not to try how far we can go without falling. Cleanliness is a smart move, because we as followers of Jesus believe that we will not lose anything, but we will gain instead. We will speak about topics such as motives for relationships or how to fight temptation. We will look forward on you joining us.

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March 2017

People who say they believe in God, are generally divided into two groups: "believers" and "disciples." There's a big difference between someone who only believes, but has no interest in learning from Jesus and let him transform his character, and a disciple. While a person who believes the focused manily in believing, a disciple is focused more tobe like Jesus. A believer tends to focus on himself, while a disciple of Jesus Christ focuses always more on other people. Believer focuses on what God has done for him, but disciple thinks more about how he can glorify God. For the believer, God is often an existing force, while for disciple, he is more Master and Dad. And so we could continue. In March we will talk about how to become a disciple and how to help others to become one. Because this key command to make disciples was given by Jesus to his followers shortly before he has left the planet Earth:
Matthew 28:18-20:  "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen."

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February 2017

We believe that church is meant to be influential, because in every person who says that follow Jesus, Jesus should be "mirrored". And Jesus was a very influential person - so influential that after two thousand years, his movement has over 2.2 billion people. The message about Him is just powerful, if it is given by people that are trully changed and whose lives areu understandable to those around them. Jesus speaks of himself as light and that is the kind of light we have inside of us, too. Light means influence. And it's about how we treat that influence. In this series we will look at how to grasp this influence and how to treat it.

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January 2017

Nowadays it is not easy to live life in balance. What should be simple is not easy at all, because we live in times of great possibilities. Time may run so quickly that we sometimes feel that weeks and months are passing by and we do not move forward. And we can even have the feeling that we have made quite a lot of money, but there is zero on our account. But under the administration of God, our life gets at its best. A life with real menaing must always be lived purposely, when we leave things be, nothing good wil happen by itself. In January, we want to give you a quick guide about how to live life. About how to be generous in time, energy, using our talents and finances and still getting mote that we give. Join us :)

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December 2016

In December, we will have Martin Moldan (bishop of our church) as guest at Connect. He will speak about the importance of our character. Then we will have night of stories, when we talk about what we stand for as Connect as we listen to personal stories from people's lives. A third Monday will be devoted to the Christmas party with lots of food, minimum program and quality time to be together. And last Monday of the month Connect does not take place because the is...Christmas. And our Christmas mini-trip begins on 28.12. and this time it will take only two days. Do not forget to sign up!

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November 2016

How not to become a follower of Jesus that is going up and down like a Yo-Yo? In November, we are talking about lifestyle. What is the thing that we rely on to lift us up? Do we let life and circumstances just "happening" to us, or do we consciously form our story? Often we can be like a yo-yo, flying up and down all the time while we ask ouserves how to get out of it. The question is, what our life stands on, what our goal is and what path we chose. If we accept a life, where circumstances dictate where we get, we will be like a yo-yo. But if we choose process and perseverance with God, we choose the way of stability. Come and look for this journey with us.
For the first time Chenza will preach, we will be visited by Marek Pezlar and we will end the whole month by a meeting with Peter Slaný, which has an amazingly strong life story.


October 2016

JESUS IS ________

What do you first think of when your hear about Jesus? Is he a historical figure to you? A prophet? A cross somewhere on the road? Is he Son of God? Or just a myth? We believe that our image of Jesus is absolutely crucial for the way we see God. The character of Jesus is too often portrayed as "flat" as if he had no emotion, as if he could not identify with our everyday lives. It is shaped by thousands of opinions, of which very few really reflect Jesus as we see him in the Bible. And this image can be trusted, because the Bible is clearly the most authentic ancient book. The true image of Jesus is different - Jesus was personified grace - not tacky and embarrassing, but real and personal. He has been and still is a true friend - not someone who remains silent. Jesus is perhaps different than you think. Let's discover him together the new way at Connect!

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September 2016

What do you first think of when you hear the word “church”? Is the thought positive or negative? The church in our country do not have a big popularity from the people and this situation is often not surprising. But how does the Bible speak about Church? What was the original God’s idea about Church and why God did God decide to trust people, even though he knew that people would do so much evil on his behalf?
In September, we'll talk about Church being a family with a mission. And that whenever both ingredients are missing or if one outweighs the other it gets bad. If the church is a family and does not have a mission, it cannot be called Church. If you have a strong relationship, but it lacks a stronger outward direction, after some time the relationships fall into a crisis and people get closed and become bitter. Well, if the church has a strong mission, but lack strong relationships, it either collapses or the people get overloaded over time and the mission dis weakened anyway. You say this is often a reality? Maybe. But we want to be a family with strong relationships and we want to know that we have a mission from God. We want to be the Church in the way that God originally intended.

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Connect introduction


We are a group of young people who found out that life with God is incredibly exciting and really worth it. We believe that the Bible is a hot topic for young people today. We do not tell anyone what to believe in, or what to think, but we want to give an opportunity to all those who are looking for direction and meaning for their lives. You cannot find the perfect church. What you can find is a family and home, and that is precisely what who we want to be.